toronto makes international headlines AGAIN

Each year, the City of Toronto is ranked among the best in the world for everything from quality of life to economic and educational opportunities. Recently, the international consulting firm Kearney published its annual Global Cities Outlook and Global Cities Index: New priorities for a new world (https://www.kearney.com/global-cities/2020). 

The Global Cities Outlook, which predicts a city’s potential based on personal well-being, economics, innovation and governance, ranks Toronto the second-fastest city on the rise in the world. Only London ranked higher. Of particular interest is the fact that from 2019, Toronto jumped nine spots to second place. In the report, this is credited to “… a large upswing in innovation and continued strong governance.” In addition, Toronto was the only North American city in the top 10. This snapshot of global cities reflects their potential to attract talent, grow economically, become increasingly competitive and encourage stability and security.

To those of us who live in Toronto, these findings are no surprise. We are fortunate to live in a city teeming with opportunities, all the while being safe by international standards. For many immigrants, this is a major draw. 

The Global Cities Index looks at where cities stood just before the COVID crisis began, and Toronto ranked 19th overall out of 151 cities. Again, it’s easy to understand why, when we have so much going for us here. Owning real estate in Toronto will always be a great lifestyle and financial investment. I can help you find just the right residence for your needs.