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Whether you are looking for a waterfront townhome or a condominium to live in or invest in, Collin can help you achieve your goals efficiently and professionally, and realize the best value for your hard-earned money. It takes a unique gift to understand the waterfront market, and Collin has the knowhow and experience to zero in on the right choice for you.

Collin lives and works on the Toronto Waterfront and has set new local prices for his Seller clients. 

In addition to being a Condo Platinum Sales Representative, Collin is married to Linda Mitchell Young, a longtime industry professional who has worked on more than 70 residential and mixed-use condominiums in Toronto over the years, many on them on the waterfront. Their combined knowledge base and experience creates a solid foundation upon which Collin has built a reputation for excellence. The couple has also purchased several pre-construction suites in Toronto and in Florida. They are renting these units, and they are intimately familiar with investing. Living now over 10 years in a condo on Toronto’s waterfront, Collin walks the talk on a daily basis.

With a strong relationship with the City’s prominent condo developers, Collin can offer Platinum/VIP access to sales in advance of other realtors and the general public. This can save you the most money and create investment opportunities.


For Collin Richard Young, selling real estate is about people first. He is passionate about matching purchasers with the perfect condo for their needs and wants. Whether by phone call/text, email or in person, consulting with Collin is a joy. He instills trust in his clients with his own confidence and experience. Advice from Collin is advice well taken. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, an in-person showing is priceless. Let Collin guide you through your potential choices with the knowledge and experience to point out all of the key factors that will influence your decision – of course, all of the time following careful post-pandemic procedures to protect everyone’s safety.

pre-construction condos

If you have some time before you take possession, consider a pre construction condominium. With the demand for condos continually increasing, along with prices, it is likely that if you purchase early in the selling cycle, you will earn equity before you or your tenants even move in. And remember, a new condo comes with a warranty, and you can choose your features and finishes to personalize the surroundings. Collin and his wife, Linda, have purchased four pre-construction condos and are well versed in what is involved from purchase through to renting out and being landlords.

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real estate investing

Looking for an investment with a great Return on investment (ROI)? Historically, real estate has proven to be a solid investment, even with the cyclical tiny dips the industry experiences from time to time. Pre construction condos in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have proven even more lucrative over the past few years. Collin is more than a qualified Agent; he and his wife own several investment condos. Backing up his “how to” knowledge. Let Collin help you maximize your investment potential by finding the perfect condo for you.

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